Where applicable

Specific suitable for system suspended ceilings with frame sizes of 60*60mm and 120*60 mm, with tee wide up to 24 mm (standard 15-24 mm).


These units have an outer size of 595*595 mm, as the majority of the tiles, and are exchangeable and fitted equal as these tiles.

The neccesaraly height above the tee’s is 112 mm. 
The weight is about 5.2 kg, and no additional suspension hanger(s) are needed.

In case the standard is 120*60 mm, a tile suitable for 600*600 mm will fit in the existing space of 600*600 mm.

Ceiling height Type Diameer range
speed 1 speed 2 speed 3
up to 2.3 m WF 4.1 2.5 m 3 m 3.5 m
2.3 m and up WF 10.0 3.5 m 4 m 4.5 m